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"This place is awesome...great food, great location....soon to be outdoor seating. Thank You, Rick's!!!"

"Ate there yesterday, great place for lunch. Friendly folks. Out of this world desserts. Macaroons to die for. Want to go to Paris now."

"Love the Deli! Very delicious."

"This is one of the best places in the Upstate! I love the simple yet also sophisticated preparation and presentation of the dishes."


"We love having lunch at Rick Erwin's Deli, especially on Saturday, our chill day. Awesome menu and great service! Love the view to the outside, and looking forward to outdoor seating."

"My first time here tonight, and everything was absolutely wonderful!"

"Loooove it!"

"My new fav place to go when I'm downtown."

"My first expereince was outstanding! I enjoyed the atmosphere and energy. I had the French Dip Sandwich and it was out of this world!"

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we assembled the best team we could find

From the chef to the servers,
we hand-picked each person.

rick erwin


emmanuel hodencq

executive chef

Sarah Locke

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where we're located:

In the heart of Downtown Greenville, S.C.

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monday-saturday: 10:30am - 8pm

sunday: closed

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