A Locally Owned Deli in Greenville, South Carolina

101 Falls Park Dr,
Greenville, South Carolina 29601
Opening hours
Mo-Sa: 10:30am-8pm
Closed Sunday

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Greenville's Favorite


Rick Erwin's Deli and Market

Rick’s Deli & Market is a proud part of the Rick Erwin Dining Group–and was the first of its kind in Greenville, SC. Opened in 2016, Rick’s Deli & Market has become a local favorite for lunch and the best kept secret for dinner. For many locals that work downtown, our online ordering has been a hit. With easy “pull up and go” access, our regulars are here 3-5 every week! For that coveted time away, our beer and wine selection have our new guests asking “where have you been my whole life?!”. Whether local or a guest to Greenville, we would love to welcome you to our deli, Rick’s Deli & Market.

"A Deli

for Downtown"

A letter from Rick

We had 4 of our 9 brands opened when we came up with the idea of having a deli in downtown Greenville. We wanted an opportunity to serve our guests from our other locations and give them another chance throughout the week to take a break from chain restaurants and other average dining options. Since conception, we have been laser focused on fresh. All of our spreads and salads are homemade and everything you order is made right then and there.

Many of our guests are shocked by the quality of our food and the value in our pricing. There aren’t many places in town (especially downtown Greenville) where you can get a bottle of wine for $12 and dinner for less than $20. Catering has also been a hit for most local companies. Catering in Greenville has been a subject we have taken very seriously and a side of our business that we do very well. Whether you need to feed 1 or 1,000, we hope you choose Rick’s Deli. Looking forward to serving you very soon!

Rick Erwin — Owner

Buttermilk pancakes
pancakes with vanilla cream
Smoked salmon
salmon fish with poached egg
Crumbled soft eggs
crumbled eggs with mushrooms
European breakfast
eggs, bacon, tomato and toast
Spaghetti ala marinara
spaghetti with marinara sauce
Range pork cotoletta
pork meat with spicy sauce
Pepper steak
beef, rice, onion and red bell pepper
Handcut french fries
potatoes, canola, crab oil seasoning
Basil salad
olive oil, red tomatoes, basil leaves
Chopped salad
lettuce, oregano, salami, artichoke
Charred octopus
octopus, paprika, coriander
Whipped cod roe
white bread, salted cod roe, lemon
Duck ravioli
flour, eggs, duck, ricotta
Orange creme brulee
eggs, sugar, flour, oranges
Carrot pudding
sugar, flour, cinnamon, carrot

Our Guests

Just Love Our Food!

“Greenville has lots of great restaurants. Most overpriced. Sometimes you just want a great, flavorful meal and not spend a week’s salary. This is your place. Great sandwiches. Blackened tacos and quesadilla are amazing. Inexpensive wine. Great value and a go to place for us!”

Scott T.

“Great food and even better staff. The prices are reasonable considering how much food you get. I love the sides they offer but I always end up getting the same one every time because it’s so good… Never had a bad experience here! Personal shout out to one of the servers, James. He’s so kind and very genuine in his desire to make you happy!”

Jaicen A.

Opening hours

Mo-Sa: 10:30am-8pm, Closed Sunday